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    Low-carbonIndustrial Park

    YichunLow-carbon Industrial Park

    • Park Overview

    JiangxiYichun JOFO Industrial Park is the new industrial base of JOFO Group, the largest nonwoven manufacturer in China. Covering an area of 5,000 mu 3333000 m2and integratingbiomass power generation, central heating, park development and investment promotion into one, it is the largest investment promotion project for Yichun Municipal Party Committee and Yichun Municipal Party Committee. Located in Yichun Economic Development Zone (provincial-level development zone) and situated at the junction of No. 320 National Highway and Shanghai-Kunming Expressway, the industrial park is 3 km away from the urban center and 15 km away from Yichun Mingyue Hill Airport, focusing on attraction of pharmaceutical, food, chemical and clothing enterprises requiring central heating and high steam consumption to settle in.

    General plan


    Five reasons for investment

    1. The attention and support from the government leaders at different levels is the greatest guarantee for confidence.


    Shao Guifang, Deputy Governor of Shandong           Wang Renyuan, Deputy Governor of Shandong

    Province, visited our Shandong branch company         Province, visited our Shandong branch company


    Xie Yisen, Party Committee Secretary of Yichun City,      Yang Haoming, Mayor of Zhaoqing City, Guangdong

    JiangxiProvince, visited our headquarters                Province, visited Zhaoqing branch company

    2. It is located inside the 6-hour economic circle, radiating Yangtze River Delta, Southeast Fujian Delta and the Pearl River Delta


    3. It can be reached by sea, land or air within eight hours

    Yichun is located at the midpoint of Nanchang – Changsha line, which is only about 2 hours’ drive to Nanchang Changbei Airport and Changsha Huanghua International Airport; meanwhile, Yichun Airport is under construction. The domestic main railway lines of Zhejiang-Jiangxi Electrified Railway and Beijing-Kowloon Railway also pass through it; No. 320 and 105 national highways run through the whole territory of Yichun; Shanghai-Kunming Expressway traverses from east to west, and all enterprises settled in the park can arrive at Shanghai-Kunming Expressway within 10 minutes. Bukit Timah Expressway is also under construction. There are also expressways connecting to the major coastal ports in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Ningbo and Shenzhen, and you can go to sea within 6-8 hours. A commodity inspection bureau is set in Yichun, and Xinyu Customs is just 48 km away from the development zone, so the export clearance is very convenient.

    4. Four “One” service, high efficiency

    With the concept of “Service is the first investment environment”, the park makes great efforts to create a “second hometown” for investors, and takes new measures to optimize the investment environment, such as “one-stop” review and approval, “one-stop” service and “one window” for charging. In addition, the park issues “one plate and two cards” to all enterprises settled in the park, that is, foreign investor protection plate, foreign investor identity card and corporate charging card.

    5. High labor productivity and excellent specialized talents in the west of Jiangxi

    The labor force totals 2.983 million in Yichun, of which 0.7 million workers work out all year round. A lot of skilled workers from different industries are available, and the labor costs are relatively low. Yichun also has the largest labor market and the only training center in the west of Jiangxi, which can provide specialized services for enterprises, such as recruitment and staff training.

    6. Triple incentives provided by the State, the local government and the industrial park

    All foreign-funded enterprises settled in the industrial park can enjoy all tax incentives prescribed by the State. All enterprises settled in the industrial park can enjoy exemption from local administrative fees involved in the development and operation of plants and production supporting facilities in the plants as well as the concession of half institutional fees. In addition, Jiangxi Yichun JOFO Industrial Park will provide unique support measures for the enterprises settled in the park.

    • Contact

    JiangxiYichun JOFO Industrial Park

    Add: 6/F, Municipal Education Bureau Building, No. 60, Yiyang Avenue, Yichun, Jiangxi

    Investment Promotion Tel: 0795-2185888   2185889

    Investment Promotion Mobile: (0)13807955440

    Investment Promotion Fax: 0795-2185222

    http:// www.gxmingkai.com

    Guangdong JOFO Enterprises Co. Ltd.
    Rm 7203, CITIC Plaza, No.233, Tianhe N. Road, Guangzhou, China. Postcode: 510613
    Tel: 0086 (20) 38770816, 38770817, 87521212
    Fax: 0086 (20) 87521213
    jofogroup@jofo.com.cn (For administrative work)
    itrade@jofo.com.cn (For int’l trading business contact)

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