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    Biomass Power Generation丨Central Heating

     Biomass Power Generation »

    Biomass power generation is the technology which converts biomass energy into heat energy through boilers, and then into mechanical energy, thus achieving power generation. JOFO provides industrial electricity to the park through making use of renewable resources, such as plant and straw.

    Central Heating »

    Biomass central heating refers to the generation of sufficient heat through the burning of various renewable resources, so as to provide sufficient, stable and continuous heat energy and clean power for the enterprises settled in the park. JOFO uses straw as the main raw material.

    The development of central heating and cooling for cities/industrial parks is an effective method for saving energy, reducing environmental pollution and taking the road of sustainable development. It plays an important role in the promotion of the resource-saving and environment-friendly social construction, and virtuous cyclic development of the national economy. It not only achieves energy saving and improvement of the regional industrial pollution, but also accomplishes good unification among economic, environmental and social benefits, thus causing a positive and profound influence on the improvement of urban air quality and the blue sky project.

    Central heating is an emerging industry developed in response to the national energy conservation, emission reduction, environmental protection and energy utilization. With the requirements of cities/industrial parks for economic development and environmental protection, and the requirements of new development zones and industrial parks for self development, central heating has become essential infrastructure for the urban industrial construction and economic development.

    JOFO’s biomass power generation and central heating projects make use of sustainable clean energy to provide heat and electric power to the industrial parks, which can not only achieve efficient use of renewable energy and reduce the pollution of various organic wastes to the environment, but also increase the farmers’ income; therefore, such projects have broad development prospects.

    • Provide more complete supporting facilities for the parks, save business costs, and improve production efficiency;
    • Respond to the national policy about development of circular economy, and creation of new ecological parks;
    • Reduce the use of coal, oil and other nonrenewable resources, achieve energy conservation and emission reduction, and develop low-carbon economy;

    Increase the local farmers’ income through the use of straw and other common materials.

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